Graphic Mods Installation Guide for KSP 1.3.1

Graphic Mods:


Let’s start by opening SVE or stock visual enhancements and download mod along with textures. You can choose from three options, High, medium or low resolution.

And to install it open up steam, right click to kerbal space program, properties, local file and browse local files. This will open KSP installation folder and if you can I highly recommending you to make clean ksp installation just for this purpose. And all downloaded mods you will be putting into GameData folder. (Default KSP location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData)

Once you will be done with that download EVE or environmental visual enhancements but download and install just base mod not configs because SVE already has configs and if you install both you will end up with overlaid cities lights or cloud layers…You can install configs if you will don’t see any cloud layers. See troubleshooting down bellow.

Now it’s time to install Scatter for better looking atmosphere and water reflection and waves. Again download it and copy Scatter to gamedata folder.

Another thing which you should have is Stock Visual Terrain or SVT for much better looking textures of celestial bodies. So download it but don’t forget to install also mod kopernicus by dragging all files to gamedata folder. And on this page you can see the difference between stock textures and these new.

And if you want to take it to another level I will show you other interesting things. For example this Raster Prop Monitor mod which will add you real and functional displays to cockpits on which you can monitor telemetry, cameras for landing and you can combine this mod with docking port alignment for docking from cockpit, scansat or VesselView which is very cool mod too.

RealPlume will add realistic engine exhaust plume. And to install it you will need RealPlume, SmokeScreen mod and module manager all download link are on ksp mod post.

And now it time to install reflections for windows, solar panels and everything glossy with mod Windows Shine. But first of all install Texture Replacer from mod forum and then Windows Shine to gamedata folder.

Ant last but not least are parts textures called Ven Stock revamp.

And after you install this last one make sure that your gamedata folder looks exactly as mine.

There are other mods for example Distant Object or Planet Shine which could make slight difference but planet shine is for version 1.2 and I’m not sure that is working exactly as should. But you can install these two mods but it is optional.

Now launch your game and make sure that everything is working as should and you don’t have any articles, extremely poor performance, glitches or things like that.



  • Make sure that you are using 64bit KSP!!
  • If you can’t see clouds try to download SVE or Scatter configs
  • Mod stock part revamp can cause some issues so if you are experiencing some weird game behavior try to remove it